We all know that graduation is a huge milestone in students' lives and it should be celebrated with all the pomp and circumstance. However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the rules and regulations for gatherings of people has been changing by the day. Your school's traditional graduation ceremony was probably in place for many years, most likely it is very different now. That's where we come in, we want to help you mitigate risk while also still celebrating your students and their hard earned accomplishments.

Review our tips on ways that Vizzi can help you stay prepared during your graduation planning.


Establish the Most Important Aspect

For a lot of institutions the most important aspect is that the students have a meaningful ceremony that celebrates their achievements. This also goes hand-in-hand with the families who want to celebrate and make this a special day. While there may be some restrictions that prohibit the traditional ceremony, you can still work to have those traditions, just in a different format. Vizzi offers several solutions for keeping your grads and their families connected:

  • Live broadcasting services so that those who cannot attend physically can still view the whole experience.
  • Networking and engagement tools to allow all guests, families, students, and faculty to connect.
  • A celebration hall where friends and families can upload their congratulatory messages to their students. 


Determine your Timeline and Budget

When planning out your graduation it is always best to keep your timeline in mind. Not only for planning purposes but also for budgetary purposes.

Given that rules and restrictions change by the day it can be hard to commit to specific vendors by the needed deadlines and typically when planning last minute, that can cause the cost to increase. All of these reasons are why Vizzi offers a flat platform fee and then you can pick and choose which modules you specifically need for your graduation.

Also, Vizzi can be configured and ready to go within 3 weeks.


Always Have a Plan B.  

In today's world where things are changing by minute it can be difficult to know what to expect. That is why we always recommend having a Plan B.

We know that having your traditional in-person ceremony is your ideal experience and while you can plan for that, it is best to have something in the event that it can no longer take place.

Vizzi offers solutions for both in-person and virtual solutions and can help you plan for contingencies so that we can in the event of a last minute switch, we are ready to move on our Plan B.

Ready to start planning your graduation? Our team is ready to help!


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